Hidrock Real Estate – Promo

Client: Hidrock Realty
Project: 65 West 36th Street
Industry: Real Estate
Services: Video Production
Special features: Pre-production, Post-production, Voiceover

Hidrock Realty used our video production services to create virtual building tours designed to enhance the marketing of their real estate properties and attract people to view the buildings. We handled the entire production process, from storyboarding to post-production to voiceover work. We began by working closely with the client to determine their needs and understand the selling points they wanted to emphasize, then built a shot list based on that.

Because lighting was one of the major stars of this production, we enlisted an accomplished lighting director to help bring the building to life in the video and to provide a consistent look during what was a several-day shoot (with filming during both day and night). We also worked with an outside audio engineer to polish the sound and created special graphics.

For B-roll footage, we filmed both around the neighborhood and more generally in the city in order to give the video context and emotion. We also interviewed building tenants to give the video a human element.

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