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Caedmon School: “A Day in the Life at Caedmon School”

Client: Caedmon School Project: “A Day in the Life at Caedmon School” Industry: Education Services: Video production, post production Special features: Storyboarding, music, DVD authoring We spent a full day documenting a slice of Montessori life in order to help Caedmon bolster their outreach initiatives. There were several aspects of the school the client wanted to highlight in particular, so we visited the school a …

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Complex Media: Search for the Coldest (Webcast Example)

Client: Complex Media Project: “Search for the Coldest” Industry: Food/Beverage Services: Webcasting This webcast event featured a performance showcase of selected artists from (the agency’s client) Coors Light’s “Search for the Coldest” MC competition, including a live set by N.E.R.D. We sent one webcast producer down to New Orleans with the necessary gear to stream the event live. Due to the more complicated logistics …

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Hidrock Realty: 65 West 36th Street (Video Production Example)

Client: Hidrock Realty Project: “65 West 36th Street” Industry: Real Estate Services: Video production Special features: Pre-production, post-production, voiceover Hidrock Realty used our video production services to create virtual building tours designed to enhance the marketing of their real estate properties and attract people to view the buildings. We handled the entire production process, from storyboarding to post-production to voiceover work. We began by working …

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Jones Lang LaSalle: Overview Program (Webcast Example)

Client: Jones Lang LaSalle (on behalf of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs) Project: “Overview Program, Notice of Fund Availability and Application” Industry: Government Services: Webcasting, customized player Special features: Closed-captioning, user registration, presentation integration For this webcast (one of a VA series we produced), we helped our client to get an important message out to the broader VA community by streaming audio from a …

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Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center: HPV PSA (Production Example)

Client: The Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center Project: “HPV Public Service Announcement” Industry: Medicine/nonprofit Services: Video production, post production Special features: Casting, DVD authoring/duplication, scriptwriting We produced this public service announcement (PSA) for our client to increase awareness of HPV education and prevention, as well as to promote the Center’s services for HPV vaccination and treatment. The video was shot …

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North American Publishing Company: “2010 Publishing Business Conference & Expo”

North American Publishing Company Expo

Client: North American Publishing Company Project: “2010 Publishing Business Conference & Expo” Industry: Corporate Services: Video production Special features: Lighting, video editing

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Ogilvy Public Relations: “The Flower Factor”

Client: Ogilvy Public Relations Project: “The Flower Factor” Industry: Agency/Lifestyle Services: Webcasting, video production, customized video player Special features: Twitter integration, event host page, multiple cameras, live audience Q&A with contest element This three-camera webcast, designed to increase exposure for The Society of American Florists, featured an embedded Twitter feed that allowed viewers to direct their questions to the webcast hosts and interact with other …

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The Macallan: “Sotheby’s Auction: The Macallan 64 Year Old in Lalique: Cire Perdue”

Client: The Macallan Project: “Sotheby’s Auction: The Macallan 64 Year Old in Lalique: Cire Perdue” Industry: Fundraising Services: Webcasting, video production Special features: Multiple cameras The Macallan teamed up with Lalique for an auction in which 100% of the proceeds went to charity: water. The webcast expanded the bidding audience, allowing remote bidders to get a feel for the beauty of the decanter and the excitement …

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