Live Event Production

Video Destination has the experience and expertise with productions large and small. From concerts and award shows , fashion shows and major conferences to corporate meetings and intimate presentations, Zeitbyte has the technical know-how and background to ensure that the production of your event runs smoothly.

Video Destination’s detailed, hands-on approach ensures that your vision is executed to the letter, on time and within budget. Our team of skilled production pros communicate with you every step of the way and calmly manages any issues that may come up.

Some of the common facets of a large scale production we handle are:

Multi-Camera Productions

Tripod positions, handheld perspective shots, jib arm sweeps, production graphics, seamlessly cutting it all together is all in a day’s work for our team.

Image Magnification

Projecting video feeds, presentation graphics or remote video playback is an important part of most large scale productions. Video Destination has you covered there.

Professional Graphics Packages

Adding slates, lower thirds and animations make the difference between an average production and a killer productions. It’s all in the details!

Lighting Kits

For the best looking video, it needs to be well lit. Video Destination understands the details and has the experience to make your video and productions pop!


After your event, you’ll want to edit the best footage into a tight, great looking package. Whether it’s destined for broadcast, the web or DVD, Video Destination’s editing staff is among the best in the business.

Web Outputs

The most cost effective way to reach a global audience. Optimizing your video for the web is at the core of what we do. Our hardware and experience ensure that we will balance the highest quality video and the best viewing experience for your audience.

Production Management

With all the moving pieces of a large scale production, you’ll want to go with a production manager that knows how to organize and communicate to all the crew and staff to make it happen. We can translate business needs into technical instructions.

Sound Engineering

Sometimes the forgotten element of an event, it’s a part that cannot fail for a successful production. From wireless mics and lavs to a full scale concert, Video Destination’s productions will sound great!

X Factors

A production wouldn’t be a production without challenges along the way. That’s when an experienced team makes all the difference. Creative problem solving is our specialty.

For all these reasons and more, Video Destination is THE choice to manage your live event production. CONTACT US today to discuss your upcoming event