Our post-production video services blend new technologies with traditional post-production workflows, perfectly complementing our full range of video capabilities and providing you with a convenient one-stop shop. Whether your project originates as standard- or high-definition video, long or short form, made-for-broadcast or viral-ready, our experienced video editors will sculpt your vision into reality.

Our in-house video-editing experts are well versed in a wide variety of content genres, including but not limited to: promotional videos, music videos, documentary, news segments, industrials, educational pieces, narrative and experimental fiction, and multimedia installation.

We offer complete post-production supervision, including:

  • DVD authoring (including menus, high-quality inkjet printing, and fast turnaround post-events)
  • Editing of event footage into segments
  • Digitization, transfer, and duplication services
  • Audio correction and mixing
  • Brand identity incorporation
  • Motion graphics integration
  • Closed-captioning
  • Titling and watermarking
  • Translation
  • B-roll or other video mixing
  • Insertion of cue points to trigger ads/eCommerce solutions
  • EncodingĀ of video for broadcast TV, Internet, and mobile device streaming