Promotional Video Packages

Businesses of any size can reap huge benefits from creating a promotional video. Whether your organization is a nonprofit, corporation, small business, religious or educational institution, or virtually any other type of company, you can harness video’s unique powers to:

  • Dazzle your customers
  • Knock out the competition
  • Capture leads
  • Show off your personality
  • Banish brand obscurity
  • Reinvent your image
  • Boost ROI
  • Teleport customers to your business

Your company’s marketing efforts will be magically transformed by an exceptional, professionally produced promo video. Every business has a unique and personal story to tell: Whether you want to give a tour of your facility, introduce key members of your team, highlight examples of your work, or demonstrate product development, video allows you to connect with your customer base in an intimate and immersive way.

Your custom video can expand your reach exponentially and grow your business rapidly.

Video Destination is at the ready to help you soar to new heights. We offer a wide range of promotional video production packages to suit any budget. We turn videos around in a flash and can deliver the final product in virtually any format you need.

About Video Destination

Check out our own brand-new promo video above to watch us in action and also see what we’re capable of doing for your company. In addition to giving you a short introduction to our services and talented team, we hope the video helps to illustrate what we’re capable of doing for your company — specifically bringing your strengths, experience, and personality to the forefront with a professional, polished business video.

See more samples of our video production work

Based in NYC’s Flatiron District, we have worked with a large and diverse group of clients over the years, including companies from areas like fashion, finance, education, real estate, technology, and much more. (See a partial list of our clients.) Our experienced league of filmmakers and post-production specialists are masters of their trade, adept at finding the best ways to highlight your company’s strengths and dazzle your clients. We bring our own state-of-the-art SD/HD equipment to your location, and our team is well known for going the extra mile to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Flexibility is one of our strengths: Our award-winning team has produced videos ranging from high-end real estate property tours to charity hockey matches to publishing industry conferences to teen health public service announcements to marketing promos for private schools and just about everything in between.

Among the services we can provide for you are:

  • Video editing
  • Sound mixing
  • Digital output
  • DVD authoring/duplication
  • Customized player
  • Motion graphics
  • Multiple cameras
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Storyboarding
  • Scripting
  • Professional voiceover/acting talent
  • Titling/effects
  • Custom lighting
  • Transcription
  • Closed-captioning
  • B-roll footage

If you’re looking for something simpler or for quick turnaround when you’re on a deadline, we offer basic videography packages that bring a videographer with an HD camera to your business location. Learn more here or contact us for more info.

Let us help your company shine as the star of its own professional promo video. Call our Sales Manager today at 212.989.4800 or email [email protected] for a no-obligation quote or to discuss your ideas. We look forward to working with you.